Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Cousins at Drumlin Farm

Lauren and Max visited us in NH this past weekend. Brian had work commitments, so couldn't come. We missed Brian, of course, but it sure was fun to watch Max experiencing all those non-New York activities: going to the dump; washing cars (and spraying people with water); riding on the tractor; the rope swing; and playing in the dirt.

We also called Karl and Renata to see if we could find a convenient time for a family visit. Renata made the fabulous suggestion that the NH/NY clan come to Drumlin Farm on Sunday for a picnic and tour.

Drumlin Farm is owned and operated by Mass Audubon--it is a working farm and wildlife sanctuary. Renata has worked there for several years, but has just taken a new job as Coordinator of Visitor Education and Interpretation. DF is specifically designed to be a fun, hands-on learning experience for children and school groups. It was also the perfect place for a family gathering. Clearly, the cousins enjoyed getting to know each other better.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sea Pine

We recently painted a wall in our apartment.  After months of color swatches taped to the wall and weeks of swaths of color painted on the wall we decided that we weren't happy with any one of them.  So I took the bold step of picking a color blind.  Armed only with the colors we didn't like.  I feel that luck was on my side.  This is Sea Pine from Benjamin Moore with an eggshell finish.  It is amazing what the right color can do for a room.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Close Encounters (of the animal kind)

Two Haiku that describe the memorable drive to the cabin on Friday night:

Black Bear
A large Black Bear goes
Lumbering across the road.
Surprisingly fast!

The moose spattered mud
On the windshield of the car.
That was much too close.