Monday, October 20, 2008

Ayup, ready for wintuh!

I loved this picture of our stacked and drying wood--a quintessential image of fall.

Also, last spring, we invested in a new wood stove insert that fits in the living room fireplace. It's a Jotul (Norwegian). There is a cast iron "surround" that fits around the outside of the stove. The surround completely hides the fireplace opening so the installation has a very nice, finished look.

In addition to being amazingly efficient, we think the stove is a beautiful addition to the living room. We miss the look of the open fireplace, but we never used it that much--just when we had company. Best of all, the new stove makes a huge difference in the temperature of the whole house.

Ayup, ready for wintuh!

Friday, October 17, 2008

She said yes!

Well yesterday was a big day...Amanda had a very long day at school, but still wanted to take the puppy we are dog sitting for a walk. I convinced her to run her errands then meet me at the apartment. After dropping her stuff off at home, we took the dog into the park. Having had the dog for a couple days, I had taken her around and used that as an excuse to get Amanda to the bridge near the boathouse. She was a little confused why I was so insistent on keeping her walking, when she was tired and wanted to sit. However as soon as we hit the bridge, I got on one knee and popped the question. After several stunned seconds and actually turning away from the ring in disbelief, she said yes!

We then had to go sit on the park bench and take in the moment before we walked back to the house to make the necessary phone calls.

(Added by Sue and Chet - Mom and Dad)
Welcome, Amanda! We are very happy and proud that David has found such a wonderful partner. We love you both.