Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011

The day after Earth Day and we get snow. Figures.  Ironically, I took the snowblower off the tractor yesterday.

Not that we really celebrated Earth Day, but it was a nice day, sunny and fairly warm. I was on vacation and played golf at Shattuck (round #2 for the year--very pleased with how I played). Then we went to Kimball's. And, when we came home spent time walking around the yard.

Happy to report that we saw a pair of Cardinals, the first we've seen at our house in a very long time. Hope they are here to nest. The Broadwing Hawks are also back--watched a pair soaring in and out of our trees. It's just amazing to watch them fly.  Not sure where the nest is, but I think it's in the woods on the east side of the house.

Happy spring.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peterborough Chamber Choir & WGBY-TV

Update: We recently learned that the PCC has now been selected as one of four semi-finalists. Now, we sing in a live performance on Saturday, April 30. If we are then chosen as the finalist, we will sing in another live performance on Sunday, May 1.

This is all good news except for the fact that the Monadnock Chorus concerts fall that same weekend! Fortunately, although it will be close, the timing works out okay. Lots of driving between Peterborough and Springfield, MA, though.

Back in December, I wrote about a choral competition being sponsored by WGBY, the public television station in Springfield, MA. We had to do an audition tape, then 10 groups were selected in five different categories. We are in the "small adult category." We went to the studios in Springfield to record our "competition" entry. Now, they are broadcasting the performances in a series of shows. Oddly, there are 4-5 barbershop groups in our category--quite a difference from the type of music our group sings.

It was hard to sing in that space. It was "dead" acoustically, so we had difficulty hearing each other. Also, we were limited to two "takes" that had to be complete, with no stops. In other words, they did not splice the best performance of each song together. But it's been a fun process. And grandson Max got to go to the studio with us during the taping. I think he enjoyed seeing Deeda on television and looking around at the cameras, lights, etc.

Click here to see my original post about the competition which has our "audition" recording.

And here is the recording done in the WGBY studios: