Thursday, November 11, 2010


Just replaced my venerable Saturn commuter with this 1998 Tracker.  It's in great condition--spent most of its life being towed behind an RV, so the miles accumulated in places where snow and ice and salt are not an issue.

I liked the Saturn, but the Tracker actually has more room in the front seats, it's easier to get in (and out) of, and it's much more fun to drive.  Nice fiberglass tops, and also has canvas tops so it can become a convertible in the summer.  Plus, it's four years younger, has 30,000 fewer miles, and has a passenger air bag rather than just the driver air bag in the Saturn.

Harlow?  Yes, that's the name.  Purchased it from Henry Harlow Richardson (the person who, years ago, started the business that has become Harlow's in downtown Peterborough).  Figured the car deserved a name and Harlow fit.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Another season of cavities is upon us and Max certainly made the most of it! He went as Iron Man who he is quick to tell you is really Tony Stark. So whenever Max wasn't wearing his mask, that's who he told people he was. Pretty excellent. Daphne was a dalmatian puppy, she was cute but made it perfectly clear that she was not happy with the velcro on her costume. But she is also teething, so it could have been her incisors pushing through.

We went out with some of Max's friends from school through the neighborhood north of our apartment. We went door to door doing some "traditional" trick or treating, and when it got to be too cold and windy we returned to our building and went floor to floor. Needless to say we have a treasure trove of candy. We will all be enjoying Halloween for the next few weeks.