Sunday, June 17, 2012


I've been looking at cars to replace the Tracker.  It's fun and gets great mileage.  But at best, it's basic transportation. 

Wanted something that equaled the mileage, but a car that didn't leak when it rained, had A/C, and I wanted to be able to hear the radio when driving more than 40 MPH.  Looked at all the subcompacts:  Ford Fiesta; Honda Fit; Hyundai Accent; etc.  These cars are great.  Very small, but a surprising amount of room inside and quite comfortable.  Really excellent designs.

Did all the comparison shopping for new versus used,  buy versus lease, etc.  Pros and cons for all.  Then I found this Toyota Yaris on Craigslist.  2010, low mileage, automatic, power everything, alloy wheels, really good condition.  And, as you can plainly see, it's RED.  Did a test drive and bought it on the spot.  No haggles. 

I've had it now for about two weeks.  Very solid and surprisingly comfortable to drive.  Really happy with the purchase so far!