Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cablebox II?

Cablebox (the original) has been a lot of fun--a beautiful boat that generated lots of admiring looks.  But, after two years, we decided that we needed a boat that would be easier to take care of (as we age) and also one that would give us more flexibility to take longer trips around the lake.  Plus, even though it started every single time and ran like a champ, we were both tired of the smoke and noise from the decade old two-cycle engine.

I've always loved the style and grace of the dory design.  Same for Sue.  And, one boat in particular--the Amesbury Dory, by the Stur-dee Boat Company--has always been a favorite.  So, when I found this one on Craigslist, I contacted the owner for more details. It's a 2005, but didn't actually go in the water until 2010.  Has a 25 horsepower Tohatsu four-stroke engine that is in absolutely pristine condition.  Looked and sounded really good.

About three weeks ago we took a day-trip to Scituate, MA to check out the boat.  Enjoyed meeting the owners very much, then went on a "cruise" on the North and South Rivers and then into the Atlantic.  We were sold.

As part of the negotiations, the owner had the bottom of the boat power-washed and re-painted.  Also serviced the trailer.  And, today, we went down to pick up the boat.  Will probably do a test-run on one of the local lakes, but it will "live" in NH until spring when we take it to Maine.

Should the name be Cablebox II?