Sunday, September 20, 2009


new pics of daphne (and family....)

the girl's growing - that's for sure! and she sure is feisty. favorite toy 4 feet away? No problem! daphne just log rolls until she gets to it! she's currently full of giggles and coos. it's pretty darned cute. and, she enjoys grabbing her mom's face, which entertains max to no end.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Flagpole for Sharon Brick Schoolhouse

The old one broke about a year ago, and I offered to cut a replacement from our property in Maine. I cut and peeled the spruce tree in early August. Then, it lay in the driveway for a month or so, curing and drying.

Over the Labor Day weekend I loaded it into the truck for the drive to Sharon. Looks a little precarious, but it was actually quite stable. Made the trip with no problems although we certainly got a lot of amused looks as people passed us on the highway. Even the police sitting by the side of the road chuckled as we drove by (no tickets, thankfully)!

I now need to sand it and shave some girth around the bottom so it fits into the iron rings on the old brick building. Then a sealer, followed by several coats of primer and white paint. And, finally, the ball at the top and the hardware for the rope. A good winter project. Should be ready to mount next spring.

Here is a picture of the Brick Schoolhouse which shows the old flagpole before it broke. The building just doesn't look right with the flagpole missing.

And the last picture shows the new Sharon Meeting House and the 30' flagpole which also came from our property in Maine. Trust me: transporting a 30' flagpole was a lot more challenging than the much smaller one for the Brick Schoolhouse. I couldn't do it with my truck, it required a l-o-n-g trailer!

A note at the cabin

When we arrived at the cabin for the Labor Day weekend, we found the following note in the mailbox by the door. It was signed "Nance M (at Warren's)" [which tells us she was staying at Clearwater Camps, owned and run by Mike and Tina Warren].

We know our little place is special, but it always makes us feel good when others react the same way!

Here's the note (and, of course we aren't "ticked off").

C & S Bowles
8/19/09 Weds
7 pm

I was fishing in kayak, big winds and w-caps. I confess I pulled in sat on rocks til weather subsided: no one here to ask.

Sunset - Large

I did not touch a thing! But must tell you this is the most gone-to-heaven spot I've come across and I have travel/fish Maine, etc. & world A LOT.

I hope you are not ticked off.

NM from Portland

Sunday, September 6, 2009