Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sharon Invitational Golf-in-the-Snow Tournament

Gina and Rory Goff recently hosted the first (annual?) Sharon Invitational Golf-in-the-Snow Tournament.  (Very cold) beer on the course, followed by hot rum toddies, cornbread and chili. 

It was a bit awkward swinging a club while wearing heavy gloves, big boots and several layers of clothes.  However, most disconcerting, was trying to find a proper stance in thigh-deep snow and then being able to choke up enough on the club to actually hit the ball.

First, some still pictures showing our form during "warm up."  Then a brief video of the golfers playing hole #1.  Great fun!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CTE Director of the Year

I was recently selected as the Career-Technical Director of the Year by the NH Association of School Principals. Very nice ceremony in Concord with several hundred people plus the Governor.  And, best of all, Sue was able to be there with me.

A distinct honor. Plus, I can't recall ever seeing my name in lights!