Saturday, February 25, 2012


Not to be outdone by brother Dave's kitchen remodeling project, we have done some remodeling as well. 

For those who have been in our house, you may recall the window in the dining room--a large center panel with two double-hung windows on the sides.  Big and drafty, it was also beginning to deteriorate.

As we considered options for replacing the window, the idea of installing a bay window came up.  The more we thought about it, the more we liked the idea--it would allow us to remove the shelf that we had under the old window, which would give us much more usable space in the dining room.   The new window was installed just before Christmas.  Not inexpensive, but it's triple-pane with a Low-E film that helps retain the heat.  Much, much more energy efficient!  We love it.

That also meant re-painting the wall around the new window, so we took the opportunity to paint all the walls and the ceiling in the dining room (not an easy task--the ceiling is very high!).  And, we had one of the walls done as a color accent--the same light green we used on the fireplace wall in the living room.  Really ties everything together.  We are very pleased with how the project turned out!